Tabitha Gidcomb
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A snippet of that, a tidbit of these
A writing sample variety

Humectant - a poem

Cupcakes and razor blades
Poison acid in my veins
Bittersweet and grave, the taste of reason

Damned to do, and damned for naught
Frustration festers all for aught
My mind contends to lynch itself for treason


Translation Argumentative

Write the weird and wacky ways,
All the crazy things we says,
Goofy, silly, strange-oid being,
Psycho stuffs. Write ev-er-y-thing!

Devout of faith and heretic;
The quest for truth; the lies so thick;
Purple, paradigm paradox;
How time rapes meaning from the clock.

Translation represents restive
one-sided argumentative.
The mirror black reveals all truths;
Silver murk--a dubious sleuth.

Live life dying more each day--
Spirit ascends from that parlay.
Toxic nutrients consumed
create the macabre phoenix plume.

Silent, yet so deathly loud--
Lace curtain, such a muffling shroud--
Through porous veil, my thirst is whet;
Il a chanté, mon alouette.

(c) 2018